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Customizable Food Database

Integrated USDA’s food database displays nutritional information for basic and whole foods as well as prepared and commercial dishes.

Nutrition Tracker

Easycarb provides a detailed nutritional breakdown of every meal, including Total Carbs, Sugar, Protein, Fat, Fibre and Calories.

Bolus Insulin Calculator

Carb-to-Insulin and Bolus Insulin calculators provide bolus estimates for logged meals, based on your unique sensitivity profile.


Export PDF Report

The powerful integrated activity tracker enables you to export a personalised PDF Report to share with your physician or caregiver.

Good blood sugar control greatly reduces the risk of developing all diabetes health complications.

Lower risk of eye disease


Lower risk of nerve disease


Lower risk of kidney disease


Lower risk of heart attack and stroke


Lower risk of cardiovascular disease


Lower risk of microvascular complications


* according to DCCT and EDIC clinical trials and the UKPDS study

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Easycarb smartscale in hand
How it Works

Step One

The scale weighs the food item or meal and sends the data to the mobile app via Bluetooth.

Step Two

The app calculates the number of carbs and other nutrients as well as bolus insulin values.

Step Three

The logger keeps track of every meal and blood glucose measurement, so you don’t have to.

Step one

The scale weighs the item and sends the data to the mobile app via Bluetooth.

Step two

The app automatically calculates the number of carbs and insulin values.

Step three

The powerful easycarb logger logs everything, so you don’t have to.

What our users say

Easycarb brings great promise for helping people with diabetes with their carbohydrate management and with diabetes management in general. This is very important since very little solutions exist, that would allow that.

Isidora ZivkovBlue Circle, Belgrade Diabetes Association

Must check this out! Counting carbs made easy sounds great for our diabetics!

Lauren AntonucciNutritionEnergy, Director

Great idea to help people manage their diabetes!

Kristen JakobitzCeritifed Nutrition Coach

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